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Nautilus Hyosung 2700CE

We provide all of our customers with the exceptional Nautilus Hyosung 2700CE ATM Machine. Typically, the ATMs used for free placements offered by other ATM companies are not only less secure, but weigh an average of nearly 90 pounds less. What this means for businesses that receive our free ATM placement is that our ATM’s discourage theft and increase safety.

Maximum Reliability

The NH-2700CE is specifically designed to provide first-class reliability. This machine has one of the longest life spans in the industry, and was designed to have absolutely minimum upkeep requirements, eliminating potential downtime and increasing your business’ profits. You won’t have to worry about needing constant repairs or sudden breakdowns; this ATM is constructed to operate for a very long period of time without incident. This reliability reduces our overhead, translating into lower operating costs and better profit sharing rates for you!

Enhanced Security – Modern Protection

Not only does KingwoodATM’s premier machine comply to accepted standards across most regions around the world, the extremely secured and fortified integrity of the NH-2700CE thwarts any attempts at breaching its security. In addition to this, the NH-2700CE we offer is equipped with monitoring solutions, adding a further layer of security to the machine. This protects your customers, and increases the security and longevity of your additional income stream.

Ultimate Functionality

Having a NH-2700CE KingwoodATM on your premise offers your customers more reasons to come to your business. Features such as bill payment, funds transfer, mobile cell phone top-up are available in a highly user friendly interface, giving your business modern appeal, enhancing your competition in the marketplace, and increasing your ability to attract new foot traffic to your business location.

Versatility, Flexibility and Design

The NH-2700CE ATM we offer as a free placement is designed with an open architecture platform which allows for simple prospective enhancement upgrades and module modifications and adjustments.  The modular design of this ATM is one of the many ways in which we are trying to reduce our operating costs and provide your customers with greater convenience. What this means for businesses that have an 

KingwoodATM at their location is more competitive profit sharing rates for you!

Environmentally Friendly

One of the most important reasons we selected this machine was because of it’s eco-friendly design. The NH-2700CE is built with energy saving features and functionality, such as its low energy LCD screen, which reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gases.

In addition, the NH-2700CE ATM is built with very durable and resilient components. This means our primary machine will require less replacement parts than standard ATM machines, reducing waste and our carbon footprint. By using this machine we are taking yet another necessary precaution in ensuring that our business practices are less wasteful and more earth-conscious.


Additional Details
Nautilus Hyosung 2700CE

System Platform

Microsoft® Window® CE platform


TCP/IP, Wireless, Dial-up


10.2” wide TFT color LCD

Input Type

4×2 Touch function keys | Optional touch screen |  PCI compliant EPP


Optional RKT


UL 291 Business hours safe | UL Level 1 safe | Mechanical combination lock | Electronic lock | KABA Mas cencon lock | Security camera

Card Reader

Dip hybrid card reader | EMV level 1,2 compliant

Cash Dispenser

1,000 notes drawer type | 1,000 notes cassette | 2,000 notes cassette


Graphical thermal receipt printer

Power Supply

AC 110 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60 Hz


Height : 1,329mm ( 52.3”) | Width : 400mm (15.7”) | Depth : 590mm (23.2”) | Weight : 120kg ( 264.5lbs)

Environmental Conditions

Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C ( 32°F ~ 104°F ) | Humidity: 20% ~ 85%

Additional Features

Lead-through indicator | Audio jack | Speaker | Illuminated topper


Contectless card reader | Barcode reader | Fingerprint reader

Internal components may change with the introduction of new technology.
Nautilus Hyosung reserves the right to change the specifications of this ATM to accommodate the changes in technology.
The ATM Topper is an optional feature available based on the contract length

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